The most significant single design element that has inspired my work over the last four decades would be the sphere. While the sphere is universally recognized as a symbol of life, inspiration and wholeness, I find that it is also an extremely difficult form to design from. It is simply too perfect, too complete within itself and – possibly - too powerful to fully absorb, and then move beyond.

And yet, consistent with my feelings that wood is the most perfectly imperfect material to work with, it is the inherent perfection of the sphere that is so challenging for me as a designer of wooden forms. In effect, my intent is to expand upon the spherical form in any number of ways including stretching, squashing, squeezing and pulling, each of which providing powerful design opportunities. And as a result of these manipulations, every object I make today, be it tall, broad or squat, has its root design elements based in the sphere.

These resulting forms have provided a foundation in my work for a whole new vocabulary in understanding the vessel form. Combined with the dynamics and complexity of wood grain and color, elements of this language would include movement, poise, sadness and joy, unity and indifference, aggression, passivity, and what is most important to my work…pulse.