Since the dawn of time, humans have used beads for body adornment both for protection against evil spirits as well as a means of showing appreciation for beauty. My work in body adornment falls into the latter category. Each piece is meant to amplify the intrinsic beauty of the person wearing the necklace, bracelet, earrings or brooch. I instill in each piece the beauty I feel inside of myself, coupled with the beauty I see all around me: the graceful elegance of Mother Nature at her best.

The techniques I use are traditional stitches from different cultures around the world, such as the gourd stitch from the Middle East, the herringbone and Xhosa double-faced scallop stitches from South Africa. These are used in a free-form manner along with a wide variety of different beads, some of which are made by hand using either a torch or kiln. The variety of beads and technique give each piece its texture, contrast and uniqueness. I also occasionally use precious and semi-precious gemstones in some of my larger neckpieces such as the Australian Boulder opal in “Earth Fire”.

I enjoy making custom-designed, one of a kind pieces of jewelry for specific clients, knowing that the beauty I am channeling into the piece will reflect the inner beauty of its new owner. And I especially enjoy making free-form jewelry since each piece will be unique and will reflect my need for spontaneity and improvisation, not only in my work but in the rest of my life as well. “Experiment, Explore and Enjoy” is my motto!