These forms represent the earliest of my efforts in turning hollow forms using the bent tools I developed beginning in 1975. Almost all of these early pieces were made from planks of exotic woods, as was the fashion of the times. As my tools became more sophisticated in design, so, too, did the forms, especially the temptation to make smaller and smaller holes thereby increasing the mystery of their interiors.

My use of the term “bowls” may seem a bit misleading to those who interpret the term synonymous with “function.” I used the term in my early work because my friend Ed Moulthrop used it to describe his hollow forms. All artists steal their best ideas, and I figured it was important to steal from the best. In truth, I don’t think either of us knew what to call our work, so we just called them bowls.

The term ‘bowls’ fairly describes my work up until about 1979, at which point I was introduced to fresh-cut green wood and my whole design philosophy changed. It was because of this change that I began calling my pieces “vessels.”